Management System

Setec Consulting Group has a wide portfolio of training, consulting and auditing in the most modern and effective tools and in the various integrated management systems (Quality, Safety and Environmental). More than 260,000 professionals have already participated in the courses, which can be offered in the “In Company” and “Open” modalities. Setec also offers training for the supply chain of large companies (Ford, PSA, HPE, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola), through Interface Projects.

Reiterating our commitment to what we believe to be very important for organizations, Setec Consulting Group is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001:2018.

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Quality Management

Setec Consulting Group offers training for the supply chain of large companies (Ford, PSA, Mitsubishi, Coca-cola, Volkswagen, among others). Dynamics and games are used to empower and communicate concepts in a playful and interactive way.

We are pioneers in the implementation of quality management systems in the ISO 9000 series, for products and services companies in the most diverse branches of activity and IATF 16949 for suppliers of products and services in the automotive chain, offering the best training solutions, diagnosis, consultancy and internal audits for our customers.

Environmental and safety management

Setec Consulting Group provides the best solutions for Environmental Management, including training, consulting and auditing in legislation, environmental aspects and impacts, in addition to efforts oriented to thecertification in the ISO 14001 Management standard. Reiterating our commitment to the environment, the Setec is ISO 14001 certified and has a program to offset carbon emissions.

Setec Consulting Group also provides the best solutions for Safety and Occupational Management, including studies of emergency plans and ISO 45001:2018 certification-oriented activities. Dynamics and games are used to enable and communicate the concepts in a fun and interactive way. Reiterating our commitment to safety, Setec is ISO 45001:2018 certified.