Lean Six Sigma

Setec Consulting Group, the largest Lean Six Sigma consulting company in Latin America, develops projects focused on results and that bring sustainability to your company. The most modern analysis tools and methodologies are applied in the search for the best solutions and in the create a cultural change in the organization. There are more than 3.000 projects executed with results in excess of R$ 2 billion. Dynamics and games are used to enable and communicate the concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Some courses in this area are accredited internationally by The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) in the United States. This provides quality, standardized content and international validation for your training and certification.


The Setec Consulting Group works with a team of trained consultants, with experience to assist your company in the implementation of the Lean Six Sigma Program. If your company already operates or is starting in the Operational Excellence journey, we conducted a diagnosis of maturity to identify opportunities that will allow the construction of a track focused on engagement of senior management, definition of project themes, selection of Belts, training and conducting projects. In addition, we customized the program to the company’s needs considering the availability of resources, schedule and infrastructure to guarantee the best sustained short-term results. We act as expert, collaborative consultancy or workforce through Master Black Belts that will facilitate, conduct or carry out projects with a focus on improving quality, reducing defects and generating financial results.

Send an email to vendas@setecnet.com.br to speak with our specialists and request a commercial proposal!